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  1. Grace says:

    Hi Thanks for your blog, it was helping me lot.
    I have a one question you may be help me I have created power pivot in Excel 2013 and deployed into Share point 2010 power pivot gallery, when I am trying to open power view window I am getting error like “An error occurred while loading the model for the item or datasource “http://Servername/PowerPivot Gallery/Results.xlsx’. Verify that the connection information is correct and that you have permissions to access the data source
    Is there any work around to use power pivot 2013 to work in share point 2010

    Thank You,

    • andybdixon says:

      Hi Grace,

      I’m terribly sorry for my lack of response. Were you ever able to figure out your issue? I’ve heard about this issue before with Power Pivot. As the error suggests, it could be due to permissions either in the data source (in the Analysis Services cube) that you are using in the Power Pivot file or you may need to change the settings for Excel Services in Central Admin.

      Also, are you using claims based authentication? This could be another reason for the issue. I hope you have gotten this resolved prior to my response but if you haven’t, I’d be happy to help you with this.



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